1999 Zodiac Hurricane 749

$55,000 CAD

Diesel-Powered, Military Grade RIB

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The Zodiac Hurricane 749 is a rare inboard/outboard version of the more common 733 outboard model. The heavy-duty 749 has closed cooling for operation in sub-zero/arctic conditions and salt-water environments.  It is a military/rescue grade RIB designed for safe operation in hurricane force winds.  The aluminum deep-V hull is more durable than the 733 fiberglass hull, and is capable of safely handling the most challenging rough-water conditions.  Compared to the civilian Zodiac Pro Open 650, the 749 has three times the deck space and a deeper V hull resulting in a much softer rough water ride.    

Calista IV was made in Delta BC by Zodiac Hurricane Canada for the Canadian Coast Guard. She was mounted ship-side as a rescue boat and as a result has seen relatively limited use for her age.  The collar is in excellent condition with no patches, leaks or holes, and the 200hp diesel has logged only 235 hours, mostly the result of weekly start-ups required by Coast Guard operating procedure.  Safety features include an automatic self-righting system and a protective steel prop guard, plus critical navigation electronics.  All systems are 100% operational and the package includes a road-worthy, 2009 tandem-axle trailer.  Replacement cost for a RIB of this quality is in the $170,000 range.

Whether you're passion is scuba diving, whale watching, rescue, commuting or extreme joy riding, this is a dependable, heavy-duty platform that will get there and back every time!  

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